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Pot and basket sizing guide


Choose a Nursery Pot that fits the decorative planters, applicable for Ceramic, Cotton Cord or Terracotta planters:


Nursery Pot (Black Plastic Pot)

Decorative Pot (Ceramic etc.)

8cm to 10cm10cm to 12cm
12cm13cm to 14cm
14cm to 15cm16cm to 17cm
18cm to 20cm18cm to 21cm
25cm26cm to 30cm
30cm32cm to 35cm
35cm36cm to 40cm
40cm42cm to 45cm


The following sizing guide is for free standing or floor standing baskets:


Nursery Pot (Black Plastic Pot)

Free Standing/ Floor Basket

14cm to 15cm16cm
18cm to 19cm20cm


PLEASE NOTE: The sizes above serve as a guide only as the measurements may vary depending on pot manufacturers.