Citrus Calamondin


NOTE: Unfortunately we can’t ship citrus to the Freestate or Cape Provinces, due to government regulations.

Care Instruction:

    • Ripens: Late autumn into winter (but has some fruit almost all year round)
    • Light: Direct Sunlight – can Tolerate semi shade.
    • Water Guide: Do not over-water your plant. In summer rainfall areas, the summer rains should suffice, however if it hasn’t rained for weeks on end, water your Calamondin.
    • Fertiliser: Citrus are heavy feeders, so apply 6.1.5 at monthly intervals. They will also benefit from regular applications of magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) and iron chelates.
    • Soil: Very well drained, light aerated soil is essential. Avoid clay soils


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Scientific Name: x Citrofortunella Microcarpa

Our Citrus Calamondin comes in a 19cm Nursery Pot.

Produces small, round fruit turning golden orange when ripe. They are juicy and have a sweet-sour taste. It is mostly used for ornamental purposes. Fruit has small pips.

Be on the lookout for red spider mite and red scale which accumulate on stems and leaves. Treat these immediately upon detection to keep the plants healthy.