Phalaenopsis Bellissimo Multistem


Care Instruction:

    • Care: This orchid requires a lot of light but does not tolerate direct sunlight, certainly not in the summer months. When leaves turn yellow, this can be a sign of an excess of direct sunlight.
    • Water Guide: Pour the water for the orchid not in the heart of the plant but on the soil in the pot.
    • Fertiliser: It is important that the Phalaenopsis is in an airy soil that provides a moisture-containing drainage. Special orchid soil you can buy under Plant Care Products
    • After flowering: When a Phalaenopsis has finished, you can try to get it back in bloom. For this it is necessary to cut off the branch above the second ‘eye’. This concerns thickenings on the branch.


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Scientific Name: Phalaenopsis Bellissimo 

Our Phalaenopsis Bellissimo Multistem comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.

A stunning and huge variety of orchid which easily outcompetes any bouquet of flowers! The ‘Bellissimo’ has low lying deep green leaves with beautiful variety of colours.