Fern Microsorum ‘Kangaroo’


Care Instruction:

    • Light: Bright filtered light is ideal for keeping your plant thriving, avoiding the direct sun or very dark situations.
    • Water Guide: Keep the soil evenly moist and water once the top 1cm of the potting medium has dried. Avoid allowing the soil to dry completely
    • Humidity: Medium to average room humidity is fine.
    • Fertiliser: Feed during Spring through Summer with a fertiliser specialised for ferns or use a 1/4 strength balanced feed, every 2 weeks. Avoid feeding in Winter.


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Scientific Name: Microsorum diversifolium

Fern Microsorum ‘Kangaroo’ comes in a hanging basket.

The Kangaroo Fern houseplant is a rhizomatous plant, which means that the Fern will send out thick root-like stems from which more leaf shafts will grow creating an interesting mix of shapes and textures and if left hanging can create a gorgeous trailing habit. Our Kangaroo Fern comes in a Hanging Basket but can be re-potted to create a fabulous tabletop feature.